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DIY Window Cleaner

Everybody’s windows eventually get dirty. There’s an entire profession in window cleaning so it should come as no surprise. There are many DIY Window Cleaner methods that you can take into consideration, to save you a lot of time, and a lot of effort. In this blog I shall be writing about different home remedies in making your windows sparkling clean again. Read More →

cleaning fish tank class

Although it might sound straightforward, cleaning a piece of glass, there are a few precautions that you must take into consideration to prevent harm to your aquatic pets. You should never attempt to clean the fish tank with the fish still inside, the chemicals can kill the fish and scare them at the same time. Read More →

Smashed window from st jude

Smashed windows because of the storm that was named after the date it occurred on, St. Jude. One of the worst storms Southern UK has experienced since 1987. What gave this storm much controversy is that the last time a storm this size was heading for the UK, the weathermen and news companies simply denied the threat of the weather at the time, now we know otherwise.

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Double glazed Window

Researchers have found that you can save around £170 plus a year on your heating and gas bills as well reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Read More →