Double glazed Window

Example of double glazed window

Have you ever wondered if double glazing is worth installing in your home or commercial property?

Researchers have found that you can save around £170 plus a year on your heating and gas bills as well reducing carbon dioxide emissions.  Double glazed windows also lasts for at least 20 years (so that’s about £3,400 savings over 20 years).

Here is a few advantages of double glazing:

Keeping the heat in

Double glazing acts as an insulator so it keeps more heat in than single glazing and it save you money every year.

Keeping the noise out

Added insulation helps keep sounds out.  Keeping noise out becomes very useful if you live near a busy main road or a school.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Using insulated windows means less heat will escape from your property, this will also use less energy which then means you produce less carbon dioxide emissions.

Plenty of different designs

There many different designs available to take your fancy, this makes it easier to choose from to match the style of your home.

If you take all of these factors on bored you can perniciously make a lot of annual savings of around £180 per year.

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