Smashed window from st jude

The storm that was named after the date it occurred on, St. Jude. One of the worst storms Southern UK has experienced since 1987. What gave this storm much controversy is that the last time a storm this size was heading for the UK, the weathermen and news companies simply denied the threat of the weather at the time, now we know otherwise.

Following the events of Sunday’s storm, many houses have been either left without power, broken windows, or roof tiles missing off their property. The storm has caused controversy in the past week with much of the Southern United Kingdom anticipating and preparing for the worst. If you are one of the people who are unfortunately effected by the latest influx of weather, there are a couple of things you can bear in mind when it comes to repair.

For all kinds of broken glass, if your property has been left unsecured due to the fact of smashed windows, (many cases have been recorded of roof tiles falling off of properties and smashing windows) it is best that you give your local glazier a call so they can make the property safe for you. Make sure the glazier you use is certified and qualified to make your property safe, whether that be from deglazing the glass for you, or simply boarding the window up to ensure a safe environment. Of course, any glass left around the window panes can cause issues. Shards of spiked glass sitting on the window frame can be an issue for small children and pets. It is best that you call a glazier to board the window up or safely remove the shards yourself. Please be advised however, that in some scenarios it is always best to leave it to a professional.

Aside from great disruption with transport and the morning commute, many properties also lost their power as a result of pylons falling over and electrical points hitting disruption. Unfortunately there is not much you can do if the power lines are pulled down from the gale force winds, what you can do though is make sure the power is off to your property and any electrical appliances are switched off. The reason I recommend all appliances to be switched off following the storm, is that it can reduce the chances of your power tripping / surging.

If you have suffered power trips in your property as a result of the storm, chances are you have a couple of blown fuses or the connection to your main fuse box is faulty. In any case, unless you are qualified and 100% sure of what you are doing, you should give a local electrician a call, who will be able to assist you in the repairing and replacing of fuses for your fuse box. All electrical jobs need to be handled with great care, failure to maintain safety when working with fuse boxes and electrical components after a storm can result in injury, or even worse; death.

Aside from electrical issues, there have also been many reports of toilets losing pressure as a result of high winds. Unfortunately again this is an issue that cannot be avoided, toilet pressure will automatically drop if there is a large amount of wind bursting through the ventilation of the property. In most cases it is best to simply wait it out. If you suspect that your toilet siphon, or any pipework has been damaged due to a result of high pressure, give your local plumber a call. Your plumber will be able to assist you with any pipework issues you have and any leaks that may have been caused as a result of the storm.

Alongside wind, the storm has caused great issues in terms of drainage. Drains have become flooded in some areas of south east England and can only be put down to the large amounts of rainfall the country has had in the past 2 days. If flooding has occurred it should pass as the weather gradually gets better, however if your drain in your property is blocking continuously, you should first suspect a blockage. Power jetting and drain clearing services are available from your local drainage engineers who are on hand to deal with these sorts of problems on a daily basis. Usually by using a chemical to break down waste in the drain, the engineer will then proceed to jet and rod the drain to clear most of, if not all of the blockage for you.

So there you go, if you suspect that your property has taken some damage after the weekend, it is always best to stay safe rather than sorry. If you suspect you have any issues that can be related to the storm just contact your local engineers who will be more than happy to assist you with any issues you have.

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